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Views of Baroque Gardens
Gardens of eighteenth-century England




On this page you will find contemporary views of many English houses and gardens built during the eighteenth century. Most of them tended to the formal park style, but many have dense shrubberies close to the house, and a few seem to have preferred the dishevelled and overgrown look. Some of the wealthier house owners managed to have some of the new exotic trees growing, many have a water feature (river, rivulets, streams lakes, or at least a hopeful puddle or two), and most have sheep or cattle grazing the extensive lawn areas.

Child’s Hill House, in the western part of Hampstead parish outside of London.

House in Whitton on the edge of Hounslow-heath

Hampton House in Hampton village, home to the famed actor David Garrick from 1754.

Bentley Priory, on the north-east extremity of Harrow Weald and in the close vicinity of Stanmore.

Wyer Hall, Edmonton, almost one mile north west from Fore Street.

Holland House, Kensington, London.

Villa of John Rolls, Esq., New Cross, on the Kent Road to London.

The villa of John Elsee, Esq, Chigwell Road outside London.

Knights Hill near Dulwich

Seven Droog Castle, Shooter's Hill. Shooter's Hill adjoined Woolwich Common.

The seat of Abraham Goldsmith, Esq., Morden, Surrey.

The Oaks, Bansted Downs, villa of the Earl of Derby.

Ember Court near Thames Ditton.

Wimbledon Lodge owned by Gerard de Visme.

Rye House, Hertfordshire.

Wormley Bury


Claybury, near Woodford Bridge.

Bush Hill Park north of London.

South Lodge, Enfield Chase

The Temple in Chiswick Gardens, London

The Gardens outside the Levee Room in Regent Murray's House


Coming shortly, extensive plans of eighteenth-century London parks and gardens.


Please also visit Old London Maps on the web as many of the maps
and views available there have plans and depictions of gardens from
the medieval period through to the late nineteenth century.

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