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~ Informative articles on the history of gardening and garden restoration ~

This page provides links to articles specifically on medieval gardening, as well more general articles on medieval life.There are also links to many excerpts from medieval writing about gardens and the farming life generally.

The Medieval Garden:

The Medieval Pleasure Garden
for some views of medieval pleasure gardens visit this page and click on the left hand side of the key map. Scroll down to the lower portion of the image and you will find gardens laid out in medieval London.

The Medieval Kitchen Garden (an article by L. Robyn O'Hara)

The Goodman of Paris' instructions to his wife, c. 1392

A fifteenth-century list of herbs for the garden.

An article on medieval herbals (lists of herbs and their medicinal properties for use in the treatment of disease and injury).

The monastic garden.

See also the Maze Garden

The Medieval Farm:

Medieval Life:



Please also visit Old London Maps on the web as many of the maps
and views available there have plans and depictions of gardens from
the medieval period through to the late nineteenth century.

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