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Cookery Through the Ages
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Elder Wine
(Elderberry Wine)


Your elder-berries should be picked when full ripe. Put them in a stone jar, and set them in the oven, or a kettle of boiling water, till the jar is hot through.

Then take them out and strain them through a coarse cloth, wringing the berries, and put the juice into a clean kettle.

To every quart of juice put a pound of fine Lisbon sugar, let it boil and skim it well.

When it is clear and fine, pour it into a jar. When cold, cover it close, and keep it till you make raisin wine.

Then, when you turn your wine, to every gallon of wine put half a pint of the elder syrup, and it will prove excellent liquor.

It is customary to drink elder wine hot.



The Farmer's Wife
or, the Complete Country Housewife

London, c. 1780


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