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Cookery Through the Ages
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Sage Wine


Shred a bushel of red sage very small, and having boiled six gallons of water a quarter of an hour, take it off the fire, and let it stand until it is about as warm as milk from the cow.

Put into it twenty-five pounds of Malaga raisins, picked and rubbed very clean, and then through in the bushel of sage which you have already cut very small.

Stir all the ingredients together, and let them stand for a week in a cool place.

Then strain your liquor through a sieve into a cask, work it with yeast for four days, then stop it up close and let it stand for a week more.

At the end of this time add to it two quarts of Malaga wine, and when the liquor looks clear bottle it.

Of all English wines this is deemed the most wholesome, as sage is the most wholesome herb that grows in a garden.


The Farmer's Wife
or, the Complete Country Housewife

London, c. 1780

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