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Cookery Through the Ages
Recipes from the Medieval to the Victorian ages.


Gooseberry Wine


A quarter of a pound of sugar, and four pound of gooseberries, bruised as small as possible, must be allowed to each quart of water.

When they have stood twenty-four hours in the water, let them be pressed, and the liquor poured into another vessel, when it must stand four days to ferment with yeast.

When the fermentation is over, let it be shut up close, and stand in a cool place at least a month, then draw it into another vessel, where it must stand six weeks longer.

And then let it be bottled off, always taking care to put into each of the bottles a little loaf sugar.

It will be fit for use when it has been bottled three months.




The Farmer's Wife
or, the Complete Country Housewife

London, c. 1780

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