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Cookery Through the Ages
Recipes from the Medieval to the Victorian ages.




Boil a hogshead of water until it is reduced to two thirds. Put to it seven bushels of wheat flour, one bushel of oatmeal, and a bushel of beans.

Then mix it with a handful of alder leaves, with three ounces of barberries.

Put to it a little yeast, and when it has worked itself from all impurities, let it be drawn off and stopped up close in another cask, with half a dozen eggs mixed with it.

It must be kept in the calk two years before you draw it off for drinking.





The Farmer's Wife
or, the Complete Country Housewife

London, c. 1780


Please also visit Old London Maps on the web as many of the maps
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the medieval period through to the late nineteenth century.

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