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Cookery Through the Ages
Recipes from the Medieval to the Victorian ages.


Stilton Cheese


Take ten gallons of morning milk, and five gallons of sweet cream, and beat them together.

Then put in as much boiling spring water as will make it warmer than milk from the cow.

When this is done put in runnet made strong with large mace, and when it is come (or the milk is set in curd) break it as small as you would for cheese-cakes, and after that salt it, and put it into the vat, and press it for two hours.

Then boil the whey, and when you have taken off the curds, put the cheese into the whey, and let it stand half an hour.

Then put it into the press, and when you take it out, bind it up or the first fortnight in linen rollers, and turn it upon boards for the first month twice a day.




The Farmer's Wife
or, the Complete Country Housewife

London, c. 1780


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