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Cookery Through the Ages
Recipes from the Medieval to the Victorian ages.


Salmon to pot or bake


Scale and dry a fresh salmon.

Slit it down the back, take out the bone, and mix some grated nutmeg, mace, pepper, and salt, and strew it over the fish.

let it lie for two or three hours, then lay it in a large pot, and put to it half a pound of butter, and bake it an hour.

When done, lay it to drain; and then cut it up, and lay the pieces on layers, with the skin uppermost, in pots.

Put a board over the pots, and lay on a weight to press it till cold.

Then take the board and weight off, and pour over clarified butter.

It may be sent to table in pieces, or cut in slices.



Taken from Duncan MacDonald, The New London Family Cook, c. 1800

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