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Cookery Through the Ages
Recipes from the Medieval to the Victorian ages.


Flounders to Fricassée


With a sharp knife, raise the flesh on both sides, from head to tail.

Then take out the bone, and cut the flesh into pieces - cut it first longways, and then across, in such divisions that each fish would make six pieces.

Dry the fish, sprinkle them with salt, dredge them with flour, and fry them in a pan of hot beef dripping, so that they may be crisp.

When this is done, take them from the pan, drain the fat from them, and set them before the fire to keep warm.

Clean the pan, and put into it some minced oysters, with their liquor clean strained, some white wine, a little grated nutmeg, and three anchovies.

Stew these together a few minutes, and put it to the fish, with about a quarter of a pound of fresh butter.

Shake them well together, and when quite hot, dish them with the sauce, and serve them to table.

Garnish with yolks of egg boiled hard and minced, and sliced lemon.

Fricassée salmon, or any other firm fish, in the same way.




Taken from Duncan MacDonald, The New London Family Cook, c. 1800

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