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Cookery Through the Ages
Recipes from the Medieval to the Victorian ages.


From the Goodman of Paris' Instructions to his young wife

Hereafter follow divers dinners and suppers of great lords and others and notes, whereupon you may choose, collect and learn whatsoever dishes it shall please you, according to the seasons and to the meats which are native to the place where you may be, when you have to give a dinner or a supper.

I Dinner for a Meat Day served in Thirty-one Dishes and Six Courses

First course. Grenache [wine] and roasts, veal pasties, pimpernel pasties, black-puddings and sausages.

Second course. Hares in civey and cutlets, pea soup [strained peas], salt meat and great joints (grosse char), a soringue of eels and other fish.

Third course. Roast: coneys, partridges, capons, etc., luce, bar, carp and a quartered pottage.

Fourth course. River fish a la dodine, savoury rice, a bourrey with hot sauce and eels reversed.

Fifth course. Lark pasties, rissoles, larded milk, sugared flawns.

Sixth course. Pears and comfits, medlars and peeled nuts. Hippocras and wafers.


II Another Meat Dinner of Twenty-four Dishes in Six Courses

First course. Pasties of veal well minced with fat and marrow of beef, pimpernel pasties, black puddings , sausages , stuffed straws and Norwegian pasties.

Second course. Hares in civey and eel broth; bean soup [ strained beans], salt meat, great joints, to wit beef and mutton.

Third course. Capons, coneys, veal and partridges, fresh- and salt-water fish, some taillis with glazed meats.

Fourth course. River mallard a la dodine, tench with sops and bourreys with hot sauce, fatted capon pasties, with gravy of the fat and parsley.

Fifth course. A larded broth, savoury rice, eels reversed, some roast sea or freshwater fish, crisps and old sugar.

The sixth and last course for Issue. Sugared flawns and larded milk, peeled nuts, cooked pears and comfits. Hippocras and wafers.


III Another Meat Dinner

First course. Beef pasties and rissoles, black puree, lampreys with cold sage , a meat brewet of Almaign, a white fish sauce and a herbolace, great joints of beef and mutton.

Second course. Freshwater fish, salt-water fish, a meat cretonnée, raniolles, a rosee of young rabbits and bourreys with hot sauce, Pisan bird tarts (i.e. Pisa in Lombardy and they be called Lombard tarts and there are little birds in the stuffing and henceforth in divers places they be called Lombard tarts).

Third course. Tench with sops, blankmanger decorated, larded milk, croutes, boar's tail with hot sauce, bream and salmon pasties, boiled plaice and leches fried and darioles.

Fourth course. Frumenty venison, roast fish, cold sage, eels reversed, fish jellies, capon pasties with hasty gravy.


IV Another Meat Dinner

First course. Norwegian pasties, a cameline, meatbrewet, beef marrow fritters, soringue of eels, loach in water and cold sage, great joints and salt-water fish.

Second course. The best roast that may be had and freshwater fish, a larded broth, a meat tile, capon pasties and crisps, bream and eel pasties and blankmanger.

Third course. Frumenty, venison, lamprey with hot sauce, leches fried, roast bream and darioles, sturgeon and jelly.


V Another Meat Dinner

First course. Beef and marrow pasties, hare in civey, great joints, a white coney brewet, capons and venison with sops, white porray, turnips, salt ducks and chines.

Second course. The best roast, etc., a rosee of larks, a blankmanger, umbles and boar's tail with hot sauce, fat capon pasties, fritters and Norwegian pasties.

Third course. Frumenty, venison, various sorts of glazed meats, fat geese and capons a la dodine, cream darioles and leches fried and sugared, bourreys of hot galentine (p. I90), capon jelly, coneys, young chickens, rabbits and piglings.

Fourth course. Hippocras and wafers for Issue.


VI Another Meat Dinner

First course. Frizzled beans, a cinnamon brewet, a hare in black civey, a green eel brewet, red herring, great joints, turnips, tench with sops, salt geese and chines, rissoles of beef marrow, hastelettes of beef.

Second course. The best roast that may be had, fresh- and saltwater fish, boiled plaice, bourreys with hot sauce such as lampreys, a gravy of shad the colour of peach blossom, a party blankmanger, Lombard tarts, pasties of venison and small birds, Spanish cretonnee, fresh herring.

Third course. Frumenty, venison, glazed meats, fish jellies, fat capons a la dodine, fish roast, leches fried and darioles, eels reversed, crayfish, crisps and stuffed straws.


VII Another Meat Dinner

First course. White porray, beef hastelettes, great joints, veal in civey, some garnished (houssie) brewet.

Second course. Roast meat, salt- and freshwater fish, Lombard raniolles, a Spanish cretonnee.

Third course. Lampreys, shad, a rosee, larded milk and croutes in milk, Yisan, i.e., Lombard tarts, cream darioles.

Fourth course. Frumenty, venison, glazed meats, bream and gurnard pasties, eels reversed, fat capons a la dodine.

Issue is hippocras and wafers.

Sally-forth (Boute-hors): wine and spices.


VIII Another Meat Dinner

First course. Great joints, Norwegian pasties, beef marrow fritters, cameline meat brewet, soringue of eels, loach in water, salt-water fish and cold sage.

Second course. The best roast that may be had, freshwater fish, a meat tile, goat's flesh boiled and larded, capon pasties, bream and eel pasties and blankmanger.

Third course. Frumenty, venison, glazed meats, lampreys with hot sauce, leches fried and darioles, roast bream, broth with verjuice, sturgeon and jelly.


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