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Domaine Joly-de Lotbiniére, Sainte-Croix

One of the most beautiful gardens in Quebec, and one with a long horticultural tradition dating from 1828. The French-style gardens contain a white garden, a cut flower garden, a garden of curiosities and a garden of the senses. There are also many hundreds of 150 year old trees planted by one of the garden's original inhabitants, Sir Henry-Gustave Joly-De Lotbiniére. Visit web site for details.

Howard Gardens, Sherbrooke

The gardens and homes within were donated to Sherbrooke by Senator Charles Benjamin Howard in the mid-twentieth century. The grounds include flower beds, forest, parkland and places to picnic. The gardens are open year round, but check web site for details.

Jardin Daniel A. Séguin, Saint-Hyacinthe, twenty minutes from Montréal

Part of the campus of the Institute of Agricultural Technology, these gardens are in daily use by horticultural students who use them as a learning aid. The eleven-acre gardens are now open to the public and include over 2,500 species of trees and flowers. the gardens include a formal French garden, a medicinal herb garden, a water garden, a shade garden and much more. See the web site for details.

Jardins de Grand-Portage, Saint Didace

An organic vegetable garden open to the public. There are also flower gardens and a Zen Garden. Lunch offered during harvest season. Visit web site for details.

Jardins Merle Bleu, Notre-Dame de Portneuf, thirty miles east of Quebec.

Originally started as a bird sanctuary in the early 1980s, ornamental gardens have since been added. There are many winding walks through its seven acres, through a Baroque garden, a white garden, a shade garden, a secret garden, and many others. Visit web site for opening times and admission fees.

Mackenzie King Estate, Hull, 25 minutes from Ottawa

The former home of Canada's tenth prime minister, the Mackenzie King Estate (or Moorside). Mackenzie was devoted to gardening, and built some stunningly beautiful garden. Please see web site for details, or phone (800) 465-1867.


Maison Chénier-Sauvé, Saint Eustache

A lovely and famous house, its gardens date from the mid-1800s. Currently inhabited by a garden writer who is slowly restoring the gardens, you can gather information about opening times and admission by visiting their web site (currently available only in French).


Maison Henry-Stuart, Quebec City

This authentic and historic cottage-style garden has hardly changed over the past 100 years, being carefully maintained by its previous owner Adele Stuart from 1918 to 1987. Please visit web site for opening times and admission charges.


Montréal Biodome, Montréal

Located in the old velodrome for the 1976 Olympics, the biodome offers visitors access to four ecosystems: Tropical Forest, Laurentian Forest, Marine Environment of the Saint Lawrence, and Polar World. Visit web site for opening times and admission fees.


Montréal Botanical Garden

With its collection of 22,000 plant species and cultivars, 10 exhibition greenhouses, some thirty thematic gardens, and teams of researchers and activities staff, the Montréal Botanical Garden ranks as one of the world's largest and most spectacular botanical gardens.

Visit their web site for operation hours and admission charges and much more.


Mount Royal Cemetery, Montréal

Cemeteries and graveyards often house the most beautiful gardens, and the Mount Royal cemetery is no exception. It was founded in 1847 as a 'garden cemetery' and is well worth a visit. Admission is free, but check the web site for opening times. Maps are available at the gate.

Parc Marie-Victorin, Kingsey Falls

This twenty-nine acre garden has a large marsh garden that is home to many exotic and native species. The site also has a flower garden, bird garden, and a garden of useful plants. See web site for details.




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