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Garden Alamanac c. 1800


Work to be done in the Kitchen, Orchard and Fruit Gardens
These monthly directions come from Duncan MacDonald's
"The New London Family Cook", J Robins, London, first edition c. 1800


The Kitchen Garden

Sow the seeds of early cabbages

Earth the first, plant the second, and prick out the third and fourth crops of broccoli

Plant out the autumnal cauliflowers

Sow winter spinach

Plant out and sow lettuces

Hoe and sow radishes, and turnip radishes

Gather pickling cucumbers

Earth up and stick pickling melons

Prick out coleworts if too thick on the seedbed

Defend melons from wet

Hoe and earth up borecole, savoys and cabbages

Search for caterpillars

Gather seeds as they ripen

Sow cauliflower seeds for bell glasses in winter

Hoe and sow turnips

Earth up the first, and plant out the third crop of celery for blanching

Destroy weeds before they seed

Sow small salading every week

Weed beds of seedlings

Sow fennel, angelica, parsley etc

Sow peas, and plant beans for a late crop.

The Orchard and Fruit Garden

Nail up and pinch branches of vines

Take off strawberry runners

preserve strawberry seeds on paper

Transplant seedlings of strawberries

Finish budding and disbud the stocks

Fork up the borders and rake them

Weed the vineyard

Nail the shoots of peaches and nectarines

Nail up fig trees with strong nails

Examine fruit trees of all sorts.

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